Watch: Wilco Perform “Love Is Everywhere (Beware)” On Seth Meyers

November 5, 2019

By Eli Sugerman

There are few bands as reliable as Wilco. Over the decades, each new record from Chicago's hometown heroes have been consistently strong. Even as personnel have come and gone, Jeff Tweedy has remained a steady rock in the indie scene, even releasing a solid solo record and memoir last year. Wilco gives a zen-like focus as they play “Love Is Everywhere (Beware)” on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Nels Cline (who was a renowned jazz guitarist before joining Wilco in 2004) rips subtle wails and emotional riffs from his guitar with precision as Tweedy croons.

The song is a cut from their new and reflective record Ode to Joy, which is out now. Another track from the record has the name "Quiet Amplifier," a pleasant oxymoron that seems to fit the album's vibe more than Ode to Joy, which, at least for me, brings to mind something more grand and orchestral. Rather, it is far a cozier and intimate experience listening to the album or watching Wilco perform "Love is Everywhere (Beware)." Quiet but amplified with emotion, it may just bring you joy, too.


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