Feeling Crazy? Mercury is in Retrograde! [Playlist]

March 20, 2019
ID 127440399 © Larichev89 | Dreamstime.com

Have you lost your mind? I think I have. The good news is we’ll all be getting them back on March 28th when Mercury leaves retrograde. Until then, hold on to your hat.

What’s this witchcraft all about you ask? When Mercury is in retrograde, which typically happens 3 times per year for about a 3-week duration, we can expect a communication breakdown.

According to Astrologer Greg Tufaro, “It's a three-week period of time when communication, for some, seems to break down more than usual. What do I mean by ‘communication?’ It could mean that you click send on an email only to realize several hours later that it has never left your inbox. It could mean that you're driving in your car when you realize you forgot to get gas and now the tank is on empty and you’re about to be late for an all-too-important appointment. You could get into an argument with a friend over a silly misunderstanding and leave feeling extremely hurt. Your computer could suddenly break down, out of the blue, and you lose the paper you’ve just spent hours writing.”

In the meantime, join me in embracing the chaos with a playlist of planetary madness: