Pearl Jam Release Tracklist for New Album "Gigaton"

January 21, 2020
 Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performs onstage at the 32nd Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images


Yesterday Pearl Jam gave us a true sign that the new album, Gigaton, is on its way, by releasing the official tracklist. Their 11th studio album is due out March 27th, closing a painful 7 year gap following 2013's Lightning Bolt. They have yet to release a single from the new album, but at least we have 12 song titles to hold us over. Check out the announcement and tracklist below: 


1. “Who Ever Said”
2. “Superblood Wolfmoon”
3. “Dance Of The Clairvoyants”
4. “Quick Escape”
5. “Alright”
6. “Seven O’Clock”
7. “Never Destination”
8. “Take The Long Way”
9. “Buckle Up”
10. “Comes Then Goes”
11. “Retrograde”
12. “River Cross”