A Song-By-Song Look at Abbey Road’s Influence

January 23, 2019
July 7, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Paul McCartney performs at the American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Ron Elkman/USA TODAY NETWORK

Photo Credit: Ron Elkman/USA TODAY NETWORK


The Beatles influence on modern day rock is undeniable. By taking a look at each song on the album, and drawing some connections to modern day tunes, the wide variety of songs and artists that results shows just how far The Beatles influence reaches.  


1. Come Together

“Elephant” - Tame Impala

Both Elephant and Come Together carry a dark vibe, led by a strong, pulsating baseline. The lyrics in both narrate the story of a man, not depicting them in the best light. That is, unless “he got joo-joo eyeball” is a compliment.


2. Something

“Librarian” – My Morning Jacket

Written from the perspective of an admirer or observer, the focus here is pure adoration of a female subject. The resolution noted by sharped changes from minor to major tones means these songs both share an optimistic vibe.


3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer

“I Palindrome I” – They Might Be Giants

“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and “I Palindome I” both chug along with an upbeat tone and contrastingly morbid lyrics. The opening lyrics to each song mention the death of a woman in a harshly unapologetic way, and the lack of remorse in each story against the brightness of the music result in two similarly paradoxical songs.


4. Oh! Darling

“I Ain’t The Same” - Alabama Shakes

In the rock ballad “I Ain’t The Same,” Alabama Shakes’ lead singer Brittany Howard pours her heart out in a similar fashion to McCartney’s begging, pleading statements in “Oh! Darling.” Each piece has lyrics that show the depth of hurt a relationship can cause, in an uninhibited, celebratory style.


5. Octopus's Garden

“You Enjoy Myself” - Phish

The lyrics in “You Enjoy Myself” have always been subject to wide interpretation (Wash Uffizi, drive me to Firenze), just as a song about seeking shade in the garden of an octopus might. Both introductions have comparable, classical sounding riffs and complicated melodies.


6. I Want You (She's So Heavy)

“I Want Some More” – Dan Auerbach

The Black Key’s front man’s aggressive beat and lyrics have the same feel as Lennon’s gut-wrenchingly intense yet simple surrender of, “I Want You.” 


7. Here Comes The Sun

 “There She Goes” - The La’s

The connection here is simple: fun, light, upbeat, pop.


8. Because

“The Hours” – Beach House

Dark tones, arpeggiated melodies and an unworldly sound link the ethereal “Because” to dream pop duo Beach House’s style.

9. You Never Give Me Your Money  

“Pieholden Suite” - Wilco

It wasn’t easy finding a match for a song that has 3 completely different components to it. Although Pieholden Suite doesn’t take direct cues from the song, I’ll argue that the shifting styles are similar in nature, and both songs have an epic or grandness to them by the end.


10. Sun King

“Heaven” – Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog’s dreamy, lazy, nondescript yet heartfelt tune traces lines back to the heavy, moody, Sun King anthem.


11. Mean Mr Mustard

“Written In Reverse” – Spoon

Hard, chaotic piano chords and strong vocals connect these two off beat tunes.


12. Polythene Pam

“O Katrina” – The Black Lips

Polythene Pam lends a hand to garage rock, and the Black Lips have it covered.


13. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

“Bright Lights Big City” - Gary Clark Jr.

The Blues Rock vibe is the name of the game.


14. Golden Slumbers

 “Look What You’ve Done” - Jet

This is definitely not the first time Jet has been accused of showing influence from the Moptops. Jet’s anthem definitely takes notes from Golden Slumbers.


16. Carry That Weight, The End Medley

“Don’t Look Back In Anger” – Oasis

There are numerous similarities here, you can sing one song over the other.


17. Her Majesty

I might have to surrender to “Her Majesty.” Does anyone happen to know a recent 20 second song praising the Queen?