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Seasonal Offerings From Friday Feature Star Bruce Springsteen

December 3, 2018

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Storyteller, singer, songwriter, Broadway star, author, able to make his guitar there anything he can't do? Bruce Springsteen is one of rock's most talented and charismatic performers and he has never been known to cheat an honest man or take a hit off a joint. This week, we revel in his astounding playlist; covering all of the stages of his career from the E-Street to the Great White Way on WXRT's Friday Feature. Since the Boss keeps Christmas in his heart as well as any man, let's revist three of his holiday classics:

The first and most famous of Springsteen's yule canon is a joyful version of a song that was first performed by Eddie Cantor on his radio show in 1934. This take was recorded before a partisan crowd at the Capitol Theater in the Garden State back in 1978.

"Merry Christmas Baby" dates back to the forties and Charles Brown and Bruce, aided by the E-Street Band, Max Weinberg's group and (spoiler alert!) the jolly old elf himself, does it justice on the Conan O'Brien show back in 2002. (Conan himself contributes rhyrhm guitar.)

Can a boss tackle a tune made famous by a king? You bet. Springsteen (once again before a hometown crowd) gives a nice rockabilly element to a lonely Elvis Chistmas classic in 2010 at the club Carousel. (The final performance from Claence Clemons.) Seasons greetings from Asbury Park.