Friday Feature: Where Art Rock Meets Neo Punk

Get ready to turn the dial up to 11.

May 15, 2018

Richard Gray/EMPICS Entertainment/PA Images/Sipa USA


By Frank E. Lee

On the surface, this Friday Feature double bill might seem a bit incongruous; an art rock band paired with California neo-punks?

One could imagine heated words and perhaps even some fisticuffs should the relative merits of each group come under discussion between fans in a mixed setting. (The sound of two worlds colliding!) If it came down to a pure physical conflict, you would have to give the edge to Genesis whose long history and many members would give them overwhelming numerical superiority. (Green Day has youth on their side tho.)

In any event, I'm sure both sides would have at the very least a professional respect for each other and would keep interactions peaceful. (Would love to see a battle of the bands!) There are some interesting parallels between each combo however. Both have been known to get creative with makeup (especially in the Peter Gabriel era for Genesis.) Each band has released at least one major concept album. (The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and American Idiot). There have also been numerous side projects and solo efforts that could easily fuel several Friday Features in their own right.

Genesis has been part of our playlist since the beginning of WXRT and the band actually presented us with a cake onstage to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Green Day's history with us is shorter, of course, but just as fruitful, with lots of memorable live gigs here in Chicago and consistent high finishes on the annual WXRT Listener Poll.

We will celebrate their powerful catalogs at length this Friday on WXRT, part of long sets which will demonstrate how we got from point G to point GD. Your sound system will be taxed to its limit, so play loud!