Bob Weir L (Photo by imageSPACE)/Ric Ocasek R (AdMedia/Sipa USA)

When There's No More Room In The Cars, The Dead Will Walk The Earth.

Opposite coasts, musical philosophies and haircuts, the same delightful results: good songs!

June 18, 2018

By Frank E. Lee

This week, WXRT does the impossible once again when we celebrate the diametrically opposed sounds of two bands on the same day. Spawned on the dirty east side of the country, from Boston, it's the new wave pop of the Cars, featuring the surreal dead-pan vocals of razorcut Ric Ocasek and super tight guitar of Eliot Easton.

On the flip, from the shaky west side of the San Francisco Fillmore district, psychedelic rolling thunder from Jerry (Captain Trips) Garcia, vibraslap rhythm guitarist Bob Weir and the rest of the Dead (some of whom are actually...dead. The living Dead and Company, btw, at Alpine Valley Friday and Saturday.) If there is anything unites these two disparate sonic entities, it could be their love of the angular and the bizarre which often serves as a compelling dimension to some of their best tunes.

(On a personal note, I am one of the only DJs to interview the original Cars and the short-lived New Cars (who had Todd Rundgren playing the role of Ric Ocasek. Bob Weir also appeared on my show to reminisce about Jerry Garcia on his birthday. He said Jerry was not a fan of personal annual observations.) The Dead and the Cars, featured this Friday on WXRT.