Adam Granduciel of The War on Drugs (Photo: Press Association)

Pitchfork Music Festival Picks

July 6, 2018

Pitchfork weekend is nearly upon us and if you're in need of a few suggestions, I'm more than happy to throw a few out there for you. P4K always gives us a lot to choose from, so whether you're into pop, indie rock, hip hop, or more experimental stuff, you'll have several options on the weekend of July 20-22 in conveniently-located Union Park.

Oh, and if you don't yet have tickets, get on it.

Friday, July 20

Julien Baker - Blue Stage/5:15

If you're a regular listener of THE BIG BEAT on Monday nights on XRT, you're familiar with the gorgeous sounds on Julien's latest album, Turn Out the Lights. A festival setting can be tough at times for artists performing in a more stripped-down, intimate manner, but the Pitchfork crowd is always on the respectful side, so Julien's set should be a highlight on Day 1.


Tame Impala - Green Stage/8:30

An obvious selection, but whatever I can do to share "Cause I'm a Man" once again...


Saturday, July 21

Blood Orange - Green Stage/6:15

Dev Hynes performed at P4K back in 2013 and 2016, but who would ever complain about having another opportunity to see Blood Orange in concert?


The War on Drugs - Red Stage/7:25

The band responsible for one of the best albums of 2017 (and one of the best road trip albums of all-time) only get an hour on stage, but that should be enough time for us to revel in their brand of "heartland synth rock" and blistering guitar solos.


Sunday, July 22

Alex Cameron - Blue Stage/5:15

You may have noticed an influx of awesome Australian acts in the past couple of years, and Alex Cameron is definitely one of the names to know.


Japandroids - Blue Stage/7:45

It's almost impossible to not feel like high-fiving or bro-hugging everyone around you when Brian and David are doing their thing. Not a bad way to help us close out Day 3.