Lin Loves The Rolling Stones

We are fired up for The Rolling Stones Friday Feature.

August 8, 2018

(Photo by Paul Natkin)


We are fired up for The Rolling Stones Friday Feature.

Here are my favorite moments in my life long addiction to The Rolling Stones.

The overlapping live intros to Jumpin’ Jack Flash on the live album Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out. “Is everybody ready?” And, of course, that version of the song.

The way the beginning of “Moonlight Mile” makes my head swim. “With a head full of snow.”

Mick Taylor’s guitar solo in Sway that sounds like he’s using a slide except he isn’t.

The 2001 interview I did with Mick Jagger in his suite at the Beverly Hills Ritz Carlton where I told him when we took a break, “you’re doing really great.” Yes. It’s hard to be such an idiot.

The 1986 chance meeting with Keith Richards in the halls of a St. Louis hotel at 2am after the concert for Chuck Berry’s 50th Birthday Party.

The 1989 Steel Wheels Tour at Alpine Valley where my wife and I almost perished inching our way down the mudslide to our seats since the concert was so oversold that all the regular paths were jammed. Still my favorite big live Stones show, you know, after I didn’t perish.

Wayne Perkins laying down his guitar solo as a session ace for the song “Hand of Fate.”

Taking my son to his first Rolling Stones concert in 2005. Soldier Field.

Exile on Main Street. Every single song.

The night I did not have a ticket to see The Rolling Stones at the Double Door in 1997. Don’t get me started. So I went to a station anniversary party in black tie and on my way home, I decided to drive by The Double Door just to soak up the atmosphere. I wanted to have something of substance to pass along on the air about this historic event. People swarmed the sidewalks around the venue. Cop cars set up roadblocks. It was insanity. Then I walked over near the entrance where an old concert promoter friend was on a gigantic cell phone (it was 1997) behind the barricades. “Here’s something you don’t see every day,” he said to someone on the phone, “Lin Brehmer in a tuxedo.” He continued his conversation and eventually looked at a mountain of a man doing security, pointed at me and made a waving motion. I did not at that moment confess that I did not have a ticket. What’s the best concert I ever saw? That one. Stones at the Double Door.