Helpful Tips For Seeing A Cubs Game At Wrigley Field

If you try to start “The Wave” at Wrigley Field, you are going to prison.

February 21, 2018
Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field Marquee

Marty Rosenbaum/WXRT


Going to Wrigley Field?

You are a fortunate soul. Embrace your good luck. Be a good fan. Get there early. Really early. There are metal detectors. You will need to take your keys and your phone out of your pocket and slide them down a plastic trough as you walk thru the metal detector. You won’t need your ticket until you get thru the metal detector so don’t even bother juggling your ticket until you’re done with security. If you have a bag or a purse, you cannot go thru the express lanes.

And what can you bring in your bag? You can bring in sandwiches and a factory-sealed bottle of water. And nuts. Peanuts, cashews, pistachios. I miss the days when you could come in the ballpark with a cup of coffee, sit there with the newspaper and let the game come to you. Enough people smuggled alcohol in coffee cups that they ruined it for the rest of us. A good espresso bar in Wrigley Field would make a billion dollars.

Do not wear a red shirt or hat. That is the color of the opposition.

If you’re in the bleachers, no aerosol cans. There is always a large collection of aerosol sunscreen cans at the entrance to the bleachers that have been confiscated. For an afternoon game, the sun will be setting in your eyes so you need a baseball hat and sunglasses.

By the time a 3pm game starts, nearly all of the grandstands are in shade. Wrigley Field in the shade is always 10 degrees colder than you think. Wind direction matters and tonight the wind will be blowing in. 

Food options have improved over the past few years, but the encased meats of Hot Doug’s are available only in the bleachers. If you want a hot dog, go downstairs and wait in line for a hot dog with grilled onions at one of the kiosks. They taste better than hot dogs that are lugged around the stands in a metal case.

During the regular season, bleacher seats are general admission. In the postseason bleacher tickets have actual seat locations. If you have bleacher tickets, make sure you use the bleacher entrance. You cannot enter the bleachers from the regular seats.

Parking in alleys in Wrigleyville is expensive but reliable. Street parking is only legal in much of that neighborhood until  6pm for day games, but a 3pm playoff game will not get you back to your car in time. 

You can get thrown out of Wrigley Field throwing stuff at people. Like peanut shells. If you think it’s cute loudly dropping F-bombs, you may be escorted out of the ballpark. And if you try to start “The Wave” at Wrigley Field, you are going to prison.