Hey Baby, It's the Fourth of July

July 2, 2020
Charcoal grilled ribeye steak

4th of July Playlist.


You might not be surprised to learn that the date July 4th has dropped into a number of songs. Some of the songs use the date as a metaphor or as a placeholder for a memory. As you round up some burgers to put on the grill, I’ve chosen some songs to add to your weekend BBQ mix.


Bruce Springsteen- 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) The date is in the title but not the song,  This classic has it all. Boys and girls, life on the boardwalk and the urban beach and fireworks in the sky.


X-4th of July. “Hey Baby It’s the 4th of July”. I picture Dave Alvin on the stage of Fitzgerald’s over the years singing that song on the 4th of july during Fitzgerald’s American Music Festival. Dave wrote the song. John Doe sang it with X.


The Killers- Caution. You’ve heard the line “go from 0 to 60” which can refer to a revving sports car or Lin Brehmer facing tequila on a Saturday night. Brandon Flowers sings “She can go straight from zero to the Fourth of July.” Love that line. It’s explosive.


Ozark Mountain Daredevils-Southern Cross. You may not know this song from a little known southern rock band of the 70’s but as a description of someone who likes to put the pedal to the medal, you have to love the line, “But me I got a pick-up/ And I drive it like a Fourth of July.”


CCR- Born on the Bayou “and I can remember the 4th of July runnin’ through the backwood bare.


Jimmy Lafave-Bad Bad Girl. This bad girl leads him all over the country but he remembers her in Chicago on the fourth of July.


Chicago-Saturday in the Park. The band’s first gold single. Actually inspired by a visit to Central Park in NYC.



And as a bonus, a love letter to Chicago that mentions the 4th of July from Lucy Wainwright Roche, who is the talented daughter of Suzzy Roche and Loudon Wainwright III.