Where Did We Go Wrong

We went wrong when we made the scientists our enemy and the bottom line our friend.

March 4, 2020

From a question posed in Lin's Bin, a feature heard Mondays at 11:15am and 6:15pm



Maureen of Crystal Lake wrote,

One of my sweet 3rd grade students looked up at me and said...."Mrs. K....Where did we go wrong?"  Where did we go wrong Lin?


We went wrong when the past became the template for our future.

We went wrong when our memory became selective.

We went wrong when we founded a country on the principal that all men are created equal and forgot about the human race.

We went wrong when truths were denied by liars.

We went wrong when we told the high school quarterback to shake it off and get back in there.

When people believed teachers were the problem and not the solution.

We went wrong when we discovered we never had to look up from our phone. Ever.

We went wrong when we naively assumed it can’t happen here.

When politicians of all stripes found things to admire in the greatest dictators.

We went wrong when we decided that our favorite musicians would make their living hawking t-shirts instead of finding their reward in the songs they sing.

When we spent lifetimes denying the cries of women who told us it happened to every one of them.

When the future of meat turned out to be not meat.

Our memories grow dimmer as our missteps trip us up.

Is there nothing in our past that warns us what to expect?

We went wrong when we made the scientists our enemy and the bottom line our friend.

We went wrong when our answer for a deadly scourge was more active shooter drills.

Where did we go wrong?

When Jon Bon Jovi’s “Living On a Prayer” started inspiring people.

Wherever someone chose to watch Casablanca on their smart phone.

When guitars were replaced by synthesizers.

When auto tune turned perfectly good voices into cartoons.

When we forgot the blues.

Wherever it was we decided that the humility and forgiveness of our deepest faith did not extend to any other faith.

When we became too lazy to recognize satire when we heard it.

Where did we go wrong?

Where someone shoots an elephant for a photo opp.

Whenever we decided it was fine to harpoon a whale.

When supermarkets assumed we would prefer checking out by ourselves instead of talking to another human being.

We went way wrong when our nostalgia for a simpler time whitewashed the divisions we feel today.

When we stopped recognizing who the good people are.

We go wrong when we stop listening to the questions of third graders who care more than we do about what our world will look like in 50 years.