Watch: Beers With Brehmer - Video Happy Hour

poured by Miller Lite

May 9, 2020
Beers w Brehmer

Beers with Brehmer. The Sequel. A virtual happy hour with a little over a dozen 93XRT listeners. All they had to do was text to win. With an ice cold Miller Lite in hand, I clicked a button and I welcomed a group of unknown guests into my virtual party. We introduced everybody. There was a nurse recovering from the night shift. There was a firefighter. A guy from Chicago hiding out in Fort Myers. A good-humored group. As we chatted, I perused the faces looking for our special guest who was going to be a surprise.

When Mikel appeared in the bottom quadrant of our Zoom beer blast, I revealed our ace in the hole: a special zoom-in from the front man of The Airborne Toxic Event, Mikel Jollett, who’s new album Hollywood Park is coming out soon. At the same time, his harrowing memoir is being published. Mikel wanted to get to know all the listeners and what I thought would be a 5 minute cameo turned into a full-on 30 minute co-host. At the end of our conversation, Mikel said he would play a couple of songs. Accompanied on guitar, he did an acoustic version of his new song “Come On Out” and then as an encore covered Bruce Springsteen. Mikel was a charmer. After his departure, I still had some time to answer some questions and tell some stories. Thanks to Miller Lite for throwing this party. And thanks to the people who enjoyed Beers with Brehmer.

They’re already my best friends in the whole world. You can watch all the action here.