Lollapalooza Crowd

Christine Newsom/WXRT

Lollapalooza's Day-By-Day Schedule is Here!

This will guarantee that you see all of your favorite artists!

May 8, 2018

With so many incredible artists on the Lollapalooza bill, you need a serious gameplan if you plan on seeing all your favorites over the four-day weekend! 

Thankfully, the wait for the day-by-day schedule is over. 

As usual, many artists overlap and thus, you have to choose between their performances or time it out so you catch half of each set. 

Yes, it's a struggle but not entirely impossible. 

Make note of the headliners:

Arctic Monkeys will perform at the Grant Park stage at 8:45pm on Thursday. 

The National take the Bud Light stage at 8:30pm on Friday. 

Vampire Weekend will hit Bud Light at 8:30pm on Saturday and Jack White takes the Grant Park stage Sunday! 

Download the Lollapalooza Mobile App and check out the complete schedule with set times included. 

The app also helps you stay connected to the fest 24/7 and it's especially useful for weather push notifications and schedule changes!

Let us know which artists have made your "MUST SEE" list!