Backstage At The Aragon With Sting

With Sting and The Police this week's Friday Feature, we revisit this preshow interview from 2017

April 2, 2019

(Provided Photo)

This week XRT's Friday Feature is Sting & The Police. It's amazing to consider that in a relatively brief time, The Police recorded so many songs that have become a part of everyday life on XRT.  In five years and only five albums the band became the most popular rock band in the early 80's. Those songs will make up a good portion of our Feature.

What contributed to band's early exit, was Sting launching his solo career to great success in 1985 with The Dream Of Blue Turtles.  His eclectic output has now reached 13 albums spread over 34 years. Expect to hear plenty of Sting songs as well.

So, in advance of Friday, I though we'd revisit my interview with Sting from two years ago. I met Mr. Sumner backstage at The Aragon just before his show during the 57th & 9th Tour. It was the first time he'd played The Aragon since 1980 and he was totally relaxed and ever the gentleman. When talking to Sting you find there is no shortage of meaty subjects. We talked about returning to  The Aragon, playing the Oscars, being the first performer to take the stage at The Bataclan in Paris after the terrorist attack and how he puts together a set list. As we talked he never stopped signing posters. He's multi-talented and possiby tantric in everything he does.

Check out the interview below and join us for this week's Friday Feature: Sting & The Police on 93XRT and the Radio.Com app.