Mumford And Sons Nearly Killed My Voice!

Mumford and Sons songs encouraged full throated participation!

March 30, 2019

Last night Mumford and Sons had yet another triumphant night in Chicago at their sold-out show at United Center. Playing on a small stage placed right at center court, the boys played in the round, surrounded by 22,000 or so of their enthusiastic faithful fans.

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XRT was proud to bring the show to folks who couldn't get tickets by broadcasting the entire set live on XRT and Everyone was treated to a generous 19 song career spanning set  bookended by songs from their fourth and latest album, "Delta". The in the round set up gave everyone in the house a great view and Marcus Mumford used all sides of the stage to great advantage.

Two identical mic and kick drum set ups on either side of the stage allowed him to sing to both sides of the arena and that really brought the entire crowd into the show. It also let everyone in the band have an incredible vantage point to see the audience which in effect shrunk the arena down to a size that made it more of an intimate experience than usual at the House That Jordan built.

Speaking of the Bulls, Marcus was presented with a Bulls game shirt although I thought a better gift would've been a Blackhawks sweater seeing that the Hawks showed up at Mumford's last show in town at Montrose Beach carting the actual Stanley Cup onstage so the band could drink from the cup themselves.

This time Mumford welcomed Chicago Blues singer Sharon Lewis onstage to sing a hometown version of Sweet Home Chicago that brought down the house.  The band met her at Kingston Mines during their first time in town 10 years ago and if anyone could ever upstage Mumford and Sons, Sharon was up to the task.

Mumford's rousing songs have always inspired audience participation. Even if you don't know the words, you can sing along to the melodies and take  each verse to the next level right along with the band. I found myself almost blowing out my voice on songs like The Cave, Little Lion Man and especialy on I Will Wait. I was afraid I wouldnt be able to be talk on their the next day, but I took that chance. I wasnt the only one. The full throated audience chorus made for quite the  communal experience and by the time the confetti dropped during the finale, the title track to Delta, both the band and the audience were totally spent. We shuffled off into the rain knowing we had just been part of something special.