Sing A Long With Sir Elton

Top Five Elton John Songs To Sing At Karaoke

February 5, 2019

Rob Schumacher/The Republic in the attribution field

 Elton John’s, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour” is due for two nights next week at Allstate Arena. He  says these will be his final Chicago area concerts. It’s almost inconceivable that Sir Elton is retiring off into the sunset, but this time, we’ll take him at his word. 

This week XRT will celebrate his legacy with a career spanning Friday Feature, The Music of Elton John.

Of course when you’re spinnin’ Elton John songs, you’re also featuring the lyrics of Bernie Taupin, his forever songwriting partner. Bernie’s words and Elton’s music have combined to make over 30 albums, 50 Top Forty hits and record sales over 300 million. Elton is 3rd on the list of best- selling music artists of all time.

The timeless songs have become part of our lives for sure, to the point that when many of them come on the radio,  you can’t help but sing along. In fact, when it comes to karaoke,  Elton is my jam.

My first karaoke experience with Elton was in London. I was vacationing and staying in a small hotel near Piccadilly Circus that had a pub  right off the lobby. I returned one night to hear loud, full throated voices singing, “Your Song”.  It was Karaoke night and  I discovered that in  London,  karaoke is full participation. The words are projected out to the audience and everybody joins in and sings along with the person singing on stage

“And you can tell everybody, that this is your song.”

It was everyone’s song. It was so much fun.

Since that night, when I’m pushed to get up there on a karaoke night, I’ll go with Elton.

But beware.  Not all of Elton’s songs are that easy to sing. They are often up in a register that strains the vocal chords. Even  Elton can’t hit the high notes like he once could, so I’ll start singing the songs a little lower so I don’t kill my voice.

But there are some songs easily in my range and I would rank these as my favorite Elton songs to sing:

5. Bennie And The Jets

4. Levon

3. Rocket Man

2. Your Song

And at Number One, it would have to be the song that inspired one of the great sing-a-longs on film in movie history: The tour  bus scene in Almost Famous.  It’s an  example of how a song can organically change a mood and bring people together. Watch it, sing with it and join us Friday to celebrate Elton!