Attending Concerts Makes You Feel More Alive

We all knew it, but now it's backed by science!

September 27, 2018

Piotr Piatrouski |


After leaving a concert, it's normal to feel something. You're on cloud nine if it was a great show. If the show was awful, you're angry and disappointed. Either way, you have some emotion running through your body.

A new study from Live Nation finds that live music is a key component in making you feel alive. 71% of respondents agree that the moments that give them the most life are live music experiences.

There's several interesting takeaways from their study including live music opening the mind to new ideas, an increased feeling of bonding and human connection that lasts after the show is over, and live music attendees being highly influential among their peers.

Respondents also reported they were 10% more likely to value live music over sex.

Moral of the story? Seeing live music can be good for your health!