Green Day Surprise Fans By Playing 'Dookie' In Its Entirety

October 31, 2019

Green Day performed in Madrid this week and treated fans to quite the surprise. A performance of their seminal album Dookie in its entirety.

The show included performances of songs not played since 2013 like "Pulling Teeth", "Sassafras Roots", "Emenius Sleepus", "In The End", and "All By Myself".

Playing Dookie in its entirety didn't come out of leftfield. For one, the album is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Back in July, Tré Cool posted a photo on Instagram of the band's rehearsal setlist. The setlist contained Dookie in its entirety perhaps foreshadowing last night's show.

Check out the full setlist from the evening.

Setlist (via

Set 1: Dookie


Having a Blast

Chump (First time live since 2014)

Play Video


Welcome to Paradise

Pulling Teeth (First time live since 2013)

Basket Case


Sassafras Roots (First time live since 2013)

When I Come Around

Coming Clean

Emenius Sleepus (First time live since 2013)

In the End (First time live since 2013)


All By Myself (First time live since 2013)

Set 2:


Bang Bang

Revolution Radio

Father of All...


Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Brain Stew

Paper Lanterns

I Was There (With just Tré, Mike and Billie on stage)

Know Your Enemy


American Idiot

Jesus of Suburbia