How A Call From Eddie Vedder Helped Former Chili Peppers Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer

February 5, 2020
Josh Klinghoffer & Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers perform live in concert.

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)


About a month after getting dismissed as the Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer has gone public with how it's affected him and how his fellow musicians have helped him move forward.

Despite the abrupt change, Klinghoffer has a busy year ahead of him as his solo project Pluralone has been tapped to open for Pearl Jam on their upcoming tour. 

In an interview with Spin, Klinghoffer detailed how a phone call from Eddie Vedder has helped him move past his firing from the Chili Peppers. "I think getting to know Eddie [Vedder] a bit more recently helped," he said. "We just played his Ohana Fest and he played the benefit for Flea’s school. I think he was just calling to check in and see how I was doing."

Vedder was able to give Klinghoffer something that had been lacking since his dismissal, stability. "In the week right after it happened, I was staring at a completely blank calendar," Klinghoffer said.

He added, "It was a nice thing to have something to do or else I may have gone crazy. It’s pretty scary because this is the first time I’ve ever played any solo show by myself before."

Klinghoffer looks back at his experience with a great perspective and credits the length of his tenure in the band to why he's able to deal with it so well.

"I really am proud about what I did. I worked hard and I don’t think there’s anything that I have to be ashamed of or feel bad about. That’s a longwinded way of saying that I don’t think I would have been as Zen if this was five years ago. I probably would have freaked out," he said.

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