How Bruce Springsteen Parents While Being A Rock Star

October 22, 2019

Not many people experience growing up under the watch of rock star parents. It's easy to assume rockers raking in millions of dollars will pass off parenting duties to a hired hand, but not for Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen was the guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and gave sage parenting advice that many can follow. Even Springsteen admits his unusual occupation can lend itself to an unrealistic view of the world. 

Kimmel asked Springsteen about a scene in his movie Western Stars where he plays a show in a barn in front of a small crowd. The crowd was comprised of nearly 80 people Springsteen brought in including relatives, friends, and friends of friends. He had a purpose behind the composition of his audience. To expose his children to a wide variety of people.

"I wanted my kids to have that sense of a bigger world than the entertainment world," Springsteen said. 

"I wanted them to see people that did a lot of different things, be around people who would shape them. And they would have a lot of options because my job is so weird that to look at it, it's not really a model for how you're going to go out and live your life and the many different things you could do," he added.

Pretty cool move by Springsteen to use his platform as a way to parent his kids.

Earlier in the interview, Springsteen shared this funny anecdote on whether or not his kids thought it was cool that he was a rock star. In short, they weren't.

"The kids are into you watching them," he said.

"Kids don't want to go anywhere and see 50,000 people cheering their parents. They would like to see 50,000 people boo their parents, that would be worth coming out for. The kids have been relatively uninterested in the job I've done their entire lives."

Even Bruce Springsteen isn't exempt from his children being embarrassed by their parents.




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