Elders Reacting To Greta Van Fleet Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

"They're like the grandchildren of Led Zeppelin!"

September 13, 2018

Photo: Christine Newsom/XRT


The YouTube channcel FBE has a tremendous series called REACT where they get kids, teens, and elders to react to various videos, music, and more. 

While perusing their channel, I came across a video of elders reacting to the music of Greta Van Fleet. With a lot of individuals growing up on the music of Led Zeppelin, it provided some incredible reactions.

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"It's so close it's scary," one remarked as they were asked to compare Greta Van Fleet & Led Zeppelin.

When participants were finally shown footage of what Greta Van Fleet look like, they were shocked at how young they were.

"I expected them to look young, but everything's younger than me," one of the particpants joked.

Watch it below.