Weezer's Nirvana Cover Brought Dave Grohl To Tears

"I gotta be honest, I cried a little bit. I did!"

September 30, 2019

Reminiscing is enough to bring anyone to tears, especially when it evokes such strong memories. That was something Dave Grohl wasn't afraid to admit at a music festival recently.

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Foo Fighters were headlining Brazil's Rock In Rio festival and Dave Grohl recounted the first time he played in the country.

"I remember the first time I came to Brazil. I was 23 years old I think. I played a festival called the Hollywood Rock Festival, that was the first time Nirvana played to 100,000 people," he said while strumming the chords to "Big Me". 

Let's rewind just a bit though.

Earlier in the day, Weezer treated fans to a cover of Nirvana's "Lithium" during their set. “We’re gonna cover a song from Dave Grohl’s old band to tide you over until the main course in a few minutes," Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo told the audience.

Now, back to Foo Fighters.

Grohl was touched by the cover telling the crowd he was going to dedicate the performance to Weezer. Then, he admitted it made him tear up.

“I was backstage and I heard Weezer play the ‘Lithium’ song. I gotta be honest, I cried a little bit. I did! I miss playing that song. I miss it, so I’m happy to hear Weezer play it again. So this one goes out to the sweet Weezer," Grohl said.

Check out the full video for yourself above.