Unbuttoned Shirts and Snaggle Tooth Rock On This Week's Saturday Morning Flashback

It'll Be 1972, 9am-12pm

May 17, 2018

What kind of job requires me to reread Circus magazine from 1972?  A good one!  It was a busy year for Bowie; the Spiders From Mars album (and tour), of course, but also incredibly successful projects with Lou Reed and Mott.  Chicago issued V, their first non-multi disc set.  Double albums from the Allmans, Kinks, Todd Rudgren and the Rolling Stones picked up the slack.  Some damn good debuts in '72, too;  Eagles, Steely Dan, Jackson Browne and Paul Simon's first solo side.  The year also saw Van Morrison release his biggest selling album of the '70's and Elvis cut the final Top 10 hit of his career.  1972!  "Join Together" with the band for a rousing course of "Danny's Song" while we put the lime in the "Coconut" and chase it back with some "Elderberry Wine" (it's what's for breakfast!) on Saturday Morning Flashback with yours truly, tomorrow 9am-12pm here on WXRT.