Dave Matthews Band, Houndmouth, Bastille. Thursday May 10, 2018

The Best of New Music Thursday

May 10, 2018
New Noise At Nine

Had to make room for late arrivals from Bastille and Houndmouth this week. Not. A. Problem. Have a look below at everything else we played and, if you like what you hear, check out a concert and buy a few albums from a local, independent or a family-owned music store. Connect with me on TwitterFacebookInsta - my handle on all of 'em is RyanArnoldRocks - and let me know what you're listening to!

Your pal,
-Ryan A.


Dave Matthews Band - "Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)"
Houndmouth - "This Party"
Dawes - "Living In The Future"

Bastille - "Quarter Past Midnight"
GIVERS - "Collide"
Shannon Shaw - "Broke My Own"

Jungle - "Happy Man"
Gang of Youths - "The Heart Is A Muscle"
Jim James - "Just A Fool"

Florence + The Machine - "Hunger"
The Longshot - "Love Is For Losers"
Johnny Marr - "The Tracers"

Rainbow Kitten Surprise - "Fever Pitch"
Caroline Rose - "Soul No. 5"