ChicagoFest, Pac-Man And Hot Saint Helen Get The Decade Started

December 4, 2018


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I worked at three different radio stations in 1980; KZOK in Seattle (where I had a front row seat for the volcanic return of Mt. St. Helens,) KPAS in El Paso (got to go backstage for Alice Cooper) and I wrapped up the year at my current radio home WXRT. (I love a story with a happy ending.) I'll give you my three state perspective from the memory lane that winds back to Mayor Byrnes' ChicagoFest, the explosion of arcade games and the television soap opera mystery that had us glued to the boob tube. Plus, long sets of tunes from Bruce, the B-52s and Bowie, just to name a few. 1980, this week's Saturday Morning Flashback. The journey back begins at 9.