Internet Begins, First Mobile Cellular Call Is Made, And The Police Get Synchronized

1983 Gets Played Again On Flashback

November 20, 2018
David Bowie

Photo: PA Images / Sipa / USA Today

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The Big 80s were in full swing and the internet and mobile cellular phones were just getting started. The final episode of M*A*S*H*  and Michael Jackson's Motown 25 Special moonwalk had us glued to the tube. The Jedi returned to the big screen and Pioneer 10 left Neptune in its dust. The music was momentous as well, with giant albums from the Police, ZZ Top and David Bowie blasting the charts. It was 1983 and we'll get to long sets of tunes from all the terrific players of the year and a recap of the news headlines from Mary Dixon just to keep things in perspective. It's Saturday Morning Flashback and the journey back in time begins anew this Saturday at 9 am.