A Nuclear Error, Trivial Pursuit, And Pink Floyd Builds The Wall

Another Listen To 1979 On WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback

November 13, 2018

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We head back in time once again this week for a three hour celebration of the year that gave us a meltdown at Three Mile Island, the mind boggling Trivial Pursuit game, and the device that enabled us to fill our personal spaces with music: the Sony Walkman. We'll hear long sets of tunes that run the gamut from Pink Floyd's epic construction of The Wall to the Clash's end of the decade double London Calling with stops along the way for some rockin' ska, adventurous art-rock, strong efforts from veterans and a bunch of one hit wonder delights. So, break out the Tube Top (even if it doesn't fit anymore) and join us for some good nostalgia back in 1979 on WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback starting at 9. "The past isn't dead, it's just been remixed."