Zappa, Beach Boys, Watergate and Paisley Slacks. Hello Again 1973!

Three hours of long sets from 1973.

September 18, 2018

Photo by Ron Case/Keystone/Getty Images


By Frank E. Lee

We return once again, laughing in the face of cause and effect, to 1973. As always, we time travel to observe and enjoy, leaving things as they were, and bringing only memories back.

We'll have a lot to take in, because it was a busy time on the calendar, with the Watergate hearings, Secretariat winning the Triple Crown, and the first hand held mobile phone call was made.

We'll enjoy generous groups of tunes from a very fertile period in rock history and sample strong efforts from the Beach Boys, Zappa's take on television, a tricky dance step from Roxy Music, a Lunar classic from Pink Floyd, and some tasty chart-topping soul sounds just to sweeten the pot.

Saturday Morning Flashback, 1973, beginning this Saturday at 9. You're gonna need full power!