The Beatles and Radiohead: Game changers

July 2, 2018

Photo: PA Images / Sipa / USA Today


The Beatles and Radiohead have never been in the same room together.  But they have a lot in common.  They are both from England.  They both changed the musical worlds they were born into.  They were game changers.  They are creative and both own a musical legacy that is known for originality and all the other good stuff you want from your favorite band.  They both addressed topics beyond romance....topics that years later can serve as a snapshot of where we were at the time.  And they get mentioned more than any other bands at my Classic Encounter lecture series at the Chicago Symphony.   

However, one is a working band.  The other is not.  The Beatles released their debut album in 1963.  Radiohead in 1993.  Radiohead never went through the boy band evolution.  They were not the cute moptops.  But Thom Yorke does all kinds of side projects, including the ocasional DJ gig, and Johnny Greenwood has composed for orchestras.  Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still working when they could be drawing on their pensions and doing the garden, digging the weeds.  Paul is coming out with a new album in September and Ringo and his All Star Band will be at the Chicago Theater around the same time.  And they are both "Sirs" and hang out with the Queen.  And we have breakfast with them (and their friends John and George) every Sunday morning on XRT on Breakfast With The Beatles, 8 till 10:00.

They both know how to rock a string section and make cellos sound as relevant as a guitar.  They both have a body of work that could keep us busy long after midnight Friday.  So join us for some exceptional music beginning bright and early Friday morning on Lin Brehmer's show (I'll follow from 10 till 1:00) and stick around all day for The Beatles and Radiohead.   Our Friday Feature on XRT.

Photo By Terri Hemmert