When the Fab Four became four Fab Ones

December 26, 2018

Photo: PA Images / Sipa / USA Today


What happens when the world’s most popular and influential rock band breaks up?  Lots of fans go into a denial phase or weep in the streets.  Sort of like when Paul & Linda tied the knot.  Lots of critics, DJ’s and writers speculate on whether or not it’s a permanent divorce or a long weekend like John & Yoko went through years later.  And John, Paul, George and Ringo responded in various ways.  George was thrilled to leave the band and released the most incredible box set of songs he’d been saving up, All Things Must Pass.  John was happy to go off with his wife Yoko to record some very experimental music and campaign for world peace.  Ringo did a few films like people predicated he’d do since he was an acting standout in A Hard Day’s Night and Help!  But no one predicted he’d give the other three ex-Beatles a run for their money when it came to success on the singles chart.  Hits like It Don't Come Easy, Back Off Boogaloo, Photograph and others in the first three years of his solo career!  And his third album Ringo, was a critical and commercial success.  Who saw that coming?  And Paul, who everyone predicted would be the hit maker right out of the box, moved to his remote farm with his family and drank himself into a serious state of depression.  His wife Linda literally saved his life, and he made up for lost time.  

But what did this 1st generation Beatlemaniac think about the end of the Beatles?  Of course I was broken hearted.  But of course I could see it coming.  I have a theory about the enduring success of this band with fans that saw them on Ed Sullivan.  Those of us of a certain age fell in love with them in our teen fan years.  Just about the time we were supposed to outgrow them and go off to college, they released Revolver and Sgt. Pepper, so we stayed connected.  And when things got dark, the White Album helped us cope.  Then about the time we graduated from college to embark on our adult lives, the band broke up.  Uncanny timing.  Life goes on within you and without you.

We've gone many years without John and George with us.  The Imagine remastered box set and the Concert For George has helped us deal.  And who would have thought that Paul and Ringo would still be putting out new music and touring to fans of all ages....in the second half of their 70's.  And I don't mean 1970's.   

Every Sunday morning on Breakfast With The Beatles I always include some solo material, because there is so much great music made after the breakup.  This Friday we'll play lots of these solo works as our Friday Feature will be John, Paul, George and Ringo: Solo Works Of The Beatles.  We'll all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun.