The Key To Getting In Shape Is Working Out Like Bob Weir

If Bob Weir can be in fantastic shape at 71, so can you.

September 10, 2019

(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Across the Great Divide)


If you're a Grateful Dead fan on social media, you're likely following Bob Weir already. If you're not, you should be just so you can get great exercise advice. That last sentence may have you scratching your head, but I promise it's accurate.

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Weir's Twitter & Instagram accounts are full of the usual content. Dead & Company setlists, performance photos, concert announcements, and photos with friends & family. He also regularly posts videos of him working out under the eye of the Dead & Company and Wolf Bros Gym Safety Advisor.

If you're looking to get in shape like a rock star, we've put together Weir's routine into one handy list so you can start "Throwing Stones" and get fit.

Tip #1: Your Gym Can Be Anywhere - Any Morning, Any Evening, Any Day

Here's a video of Weir making use of his surroundings at Lockn' Festival to work out.

@locknfestival gymming! --: Wolf Bros Gym Safety Advisor

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Tip #2: Use Accessories To Your Advantage

This video shows Weir making use of an object (sorceror's staff? Ringling Brothers barbell?) to work on his arm strength.

Dallas gymming with @justinbrownfitness. Thanks for the love, @onnit. --: @deadandcompany Gym Safety Advisor

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Tip #3: Have A Workout Buddy

Working out is more fun and effective when you have a friend by your side to motivate you. In this video Bill Kreutzmann is doing what he's done for so long, provide the rhythm to keep going.

Boston gymming --: @deadandcompany Gym Safety Advisor. Big thanks to @powerplateusa for providing the complimentary good vibrations.

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Tip #4: Always Get Some Cardio In

Kreutzmann once again is by Weir's side as the two opt for the elliptical as cardio exercise. A mix of cardio and strength training is a great way to get in shape.

Chicago gymming with @natascha_weir, @billkreutzmann, and more. --: @deadandcompany Gym Safety Advisor

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Tip #5: Workout With A View

Sure, Bob Weir may have access to places most people don't, but that doesn't mean you can't trek out to somewhere beautiful to exercise. As a bonus, throw on a pair of overalls, whistle "I've Been Working On The Railroad", and replicate the first video here as this looks like an intense workout.

Gymming at The Gorge. Videos by @deadandcompany Gym Safety Advisor. Photos by Katie Friesema.

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