WATCH: Bono Falls Off The Stage But Keeps Singing Anyway

Bono shrugged off a nasty looking fall like it never happened.

May 23, 2018
U2 Live In Chicago

Photo Floyd McCraney


A scary moment occurred during last night's U2 concert at the United Center as just three songs into their set, Bono took a nasty looking fall off the stage.

While performing "Lights of Home", the band made their way down a staircase while Bono was telling the audience to "show us your lights."

The venue lights dimmed and as Bono was set to descend the staircase, he took a tumble.

A visible gasp from the nearby audience can be heard in the recording. However, Bono carried on as if nothing happened and rose up with a smile on his face continuing to sing.

Crisis averted!