New Noise At Nine

Put Your Speakers To The Test With This Week's New Noise at Nine

Video of Overcoats - The Fool A couple’a screaming good songs to call out in this week’s show. Grouplove “ Deleter ” and Overcoats “ The Fool ” are OMFG amazing. Other notables are Real Estate , Taylor Janzen , and Caroline Rose . Check out the whole show below. Thanks for listening to XRT and...
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The Beatles

Vietnam, Apollo 8 Christmas Greetings And The White Album

This week we returned to a year of war, protests in the streets, space travel for real and on the silver screen and lots of astounding music from the year 1968. Our trip back was uneventful, although the mention of an album that came out in 1969 did cause a minor timequake. Fortunately, everything...
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Mondo Cozmo Does It Again.

Video of Mondo Cozmo - Come On One month from today Mondo Cozmo will lead off three nights of music at The Vic Theatre on Friday December 6 with X Ambassadors for the 93XRT Holiday Jam concerts. He writes one great song after another! “ Come On ” is his latest. This week’s show has no shortage of...
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Chris Martin (L) and Guy Berryman of Coldplay perform at the Rose Bowl on October 6, 2017

Hear Coldplay's teaser off their album due next month.

Video of Coldplay - Orphans No way was Coldplay going to leave on note unsung. Word is they finished a new album and, while they were packing up the studio, had the itch to record one final song. “ Orphans ” is the name and it starts off this week’s New Noise at Nine. Also hearing another selection...
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Hear New Beck On This Week's New Noise At Nine

Video of Beck - Uneventful Days Last week’s show debuted Michael Stipe’s long-awaited return to making music. This week we debuted Beck’s surprise announcement that his new record finished and slated for release next month! I'm pretty keen on Michigander ( who was added to Pete Yorn’s show at Metro...
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NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 19: Michael Stipe attends the premiere screening and party for truTV’s new comedy series “At Home with Amy Sedaris” at The Bowery Hotel on October 19, 2017 in New York City. 27056_024. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Hear Michael Stipe's first ever solo recording, first since REM's breakup.

Video of Your Capricious Soul - Michael Stipe Michael Stipe returns to music with his first new music since the breakup of REM in 2011 and his first solo recording EVER. He's making "Your Capricious Soul" available only through and benefits climate change awareness and action...
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Foals Release Their Second Album Of The Year

Video of FOALS - The Runner Yes, Jeff Lynne really has new music on the way. He’s a music-making machine 50 years in the making! I came across another song from Smith & Thell - the Swedish duo whose debut blew up in Europe. "The Runner " comes from Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2...
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Hear A Preview of Wilco's "Ode To Joy"

Video of Wilco "Everyone Hides" (Official Video) I sat on a few records till we could listen to them together on New Noise this week. Another new song from Twin Peaks puts their jam band sensibilities front and center. Not sure if they channeled the Grateful Dead for "Casey's...
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Frampton Comes Alive, Howard Hughes Dies And Nadia Is Perfect

When a house in the neighborhood is torn down and replaced, it's often difficult to remember what the original structure looked like, especially as time goes by. The same is true with rock and roll history as the years and songs start to blend together in our memories. Fortunately, we have Saturday...
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Van Morrison Releases Another Album - His 6th in 4 years.

Video of Van Morrison - Dark Night Of The Soul (Audio) We previewed Van Morrison’s upcoming album - his sixth in four years - with a very bluesly, groovy song called “ In The Dark Night Of The Soul. ” We also gave first spins on XRT to a few songs! Check out everything we played on the show below...
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