Nixon Resigns, Lennon Teams Up With Elton, Ali Rumbles Back

Nixon resigns, John Lennon and Elton John go to number one, Ali defeats Foreman in Africa
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WXRT 1973 Logo

Vietnam War Ends, Sears Tower Tops and Pink Floyd Takes Us To The Dark Side

1973: Crucial reggae, southern rock, singer songwriters, soul and pop...Saturday Morning Flashback playlist 2/29/20
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Blockbuster Albums, 18 Year Olds Get The Vote, and Golf On The Moon

Flashback Playlist 2/8/20
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ticket stubs from 1982: Jerry Garcia Auditorium, Clash Aragon, Genesis Poplar Creek

Late Night Debuts, Cold Wave Hits Chicago and Bruce Does His Homework

WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback Playlist from 1/25/20 (Includes image of ticket stub montage from 1982 concerts)
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Bruce Starts Running, Jaws Packs Theaters and Hoffa Disappears

This week we returned to another pivotal year in rock history, heading back to 1975 for a wild three hour tour that included a look at the top five box office winners at the theater from the Regular Guy, the fashion trends for men and women (hello leisure suit!) and a crazy mish-mash of music that...
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Stones Voodoo Lounge tour ticket stub

Kurt Cobain Passes, Jordan Goes White Sox and Voodoo Comes To Soldier Field

It was 25 years down the corridor of time to our Flashback destination today for a delightful and sometimes poignant romp through the days of grunge, Netscape, the death of Kurt Cobain, Michael Jordan playing baseball and the Voodoo Lounge opening for two days at Soldier Field. The sets were long...
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The Beatles

Vietnam, Apollo 8 Christmas Greetings And The White Album

This week we returned to a year of war, protests in the streets, space travel for real and on the silver screen and lots of astounding music from the year 1968. Our trip back was uneventful, although the mention of an album that came out in 1969 did cause a minor timequake. Fortunately, everything...
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Internet Begins, Sally Rides High and Talking Heads Top Listener Poll

Whether it was the year of your birth, wedding, or high school graduation, 1983 offered a rich trove of memories including the start of the modern day internet, the first American woman in space and the winning ugly White Sox made the post-season. The Regular Guy reviewed the Tom Cruise breakout...
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The Boss Dominates, Test Tube Baby Arrives, And Keith Moon Is Taken Away

It was a 41 year trip against the time flow to 1978 today on Flashback and we didn't waste a (negative) second, immediately reviewing the years events like the birth of In Vitro Fertilization baby Louise Brown, the Camp David Peace Accord and the beginning of The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy on...
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George Orwell 1984 Paperback With 1984 Zappa/Jerry Garcia Ticket Stub

Orwell's Year Not As Bad As Predicted (Except For The Cubs)

It's always a little disquieting to return to the Orwell-cursed year of 1984, but our journey once again proceeded without incident. (The presenter did use the word "halcyon" twice in the same break but that was an internal error.) Fears of creating an alternative time-line where Big Brother takes...
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