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Jason Narducy, Lin Brehmer

Jason Narducy has seen it all playing bass with Bob Mould & Superchunk, being the creative force of his own Split Single, and now with the musical based on his childhood band, Verboten

Welcome to the Linside Podcast: addressing the great podcast shortage in America, where today we speak with Jason Narducy (Split Single, Bob Mould, Superchunk) about the new rock and roll musical, Verboten. Verboten is based on the true story of Chicago’s own young punks. Written by Brett Neveu...
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The Artists You Love Doing The Song You Hate

Are there any favorite bands that have a song that you just can’t stand? Lin Brehmer tackles that question on the latest edition of Lin's Bin.
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A Toast To Lin Brehmer

Hundreds of XRT fans packed Joe's on Weed Street to celebrate Lin Brehmer's 35th Anniversary. Watch Mary Dixon and Lin Brehmer's toast from the evening.
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September 11th tribute lights in New York City

Lin's Bin: September 11th

Have you ever wondered about our attachment to dates of tragedy?
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Hey Lin, What Do You Have Against Wisconsin and The Packers?

I have no beef with Wisconsin. It’s the Packers I can’t stand.
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Can You Root for the Sox and the Cubs?

Torn from the frayed pages of Lin’s Bin Ian of Forest Park writes, Growing up as a Cubs fan in the south burbs, I wonder can you be a fan of both teams? The White Sox World Series Championship is still so fresh in my mind that it seems like yesterday. Manager Ozzie Guillen throwing his arms wide to...
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Lin Brehmer & Joe Maddon On Their Love Of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

The Cubs manager also shares stories about his friendship with Max Weinberg.
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Brehmer's Bloody Mary Baseball Brunch in Wrigleyville!

Lin Brehmer is throwing a Pre-Game Brunch Party in Wrigleyville and EVERYONE is invited! Lin and the Tito's crew will host a party from 10a-1p at The Country Club Chicago! Brunch will be served as well as delicious Tito's Bloody Mary's with music hitting the stage at 11a. Tune into XRT in the days...
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Are Left-Handed People Really Weird?

From the torn and frayed pages of Lin’s Bin.
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Lin Brehmer Pays Tribute To Cubs Hall Of Fame Closer Lee Smith

"There have been few visions in baseball history as detrimental to a batter's peace of mind than Lee Arthur Smith."
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