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Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones

Advice For Someone Seeing The Rolling Stones For The First Time

Plus, why seeing the Stones brings families together.
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What Is The Best Era In Rolling Stones History?

Why the Mick Taylor era is the unanimous choice.
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Why The Rolling Stones Are One Of The Most Historically Significant Bands Of All Time

"There are only a handful of days you wake up in your life and when your feet hit the floor in the morning and you can say, I'm going to spend the night with The Rolling Stones."
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Hot Stove Cool Music Just Got Cooler

Hot Stove Cool Music returns to Metro on Friday, June 7th with a very special surprise headliner. Sure it would be easier if we could tell you who the special guest is, but the Grammy Award winner may be playing elsewhere in the next month so the charitable appearance must be on the down low. We do...
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Watch Lin Brehmer's Beautiful Tribute To Ernie Banks

If you were watching the Cubs game yesterday, you may have caught a familiar voice paying tribute to Mr. Cub. Check out this loving tribute Lin Brehmer gave to the late Ernie Banks, which aired on WGN-TV prior to the Cubs game against the Astros.
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The Greatest Song Ever Written

My innocence was no longer a watch, it was a warning.
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Emilia Clarke

Did You Take A Close Look At The Game Of Thrones Coffee Cup?

You may just see a familiar face!
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What Really Matters?

Lin’s Bin 4/18/19 Jonathan Fernandez asks, With all the things a person can do in a lifetime, what really matters? What really matters? Your mom and dad. You will take them for granted. You will forget to call them. You will argue and make up. The good memories will gather in your mind like...
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Dear Lin, It's Lin. Lin-Manuel Miranda Back in Chicago

Thursday evening as I was leaving a reception for the upcoming Hot Stove Cool Music charity concert (June 7th at Metro), I checked my twitter feed. "What the heck!" I muttered. There were tweets and re-tweets in numbers that could only be explained by my embezzlement of millions of dollars and I...
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Hamilton: The Exhibition Opens In Chicago

Hamilton: An American Musical set our origin story on its ear by using hip hop, modern movement and diverse casting – and it worked so astonishingly well that it played in the White House, won all the awards and now has inspired its own stand-alone museum. Hamilton: The Exhibit opened Friday on...
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