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Lin Brehmer Pays Tribute To Anthony Bourdain

"He searched out every corner of our globe to find something to love."
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What Super Power Would You Want?

A listener asked, What is the best super hero power to have?
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Why Do the Blues Makes Us Feel Good?

This country was built on the back of the blues.
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How a Rock Song Scared Me Half to Death in 1967

I’ll see you on the other side.
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What puts the cool in Hot Stove Music?

Special guests. Eddie Vedder. Cheap Trick. Poi Dog Pondering. Liz Phair. Twin Peaks. Sometimes we know they’re coming. Sometimes we don’t. Part of the fun involves the MLB community. Last year it was David Ross joining Ryan Dempster and me for part of the live auction on stage. In 2015, Joe Maddon...
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What to Expect When David Byrne Invites You Over

In the midst of the yacht rock explosion of the mid-70’s, the musical vision of David Byrne was as courageous as it was different. Here he is on November 17th with the rest of Talking Heads. (Photo by Dave Suarez) They are doing what used to be called “an in-store.” A band would go to a record...
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For Openers: Lin Brehmer & Chicago White Sox Opening Day

The winter is over when the umpires urge grown men to play.
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