Edgewater Arts Festival

Granville between Broadway and Sheridan
Chicago, IL 60660
United States

Event Description:

When it comes to the fine arts, Chicago long has proven to be one of the more accepting and affluent cities in the United States, and within Chicago, the Edgewater neighborhood is among the most artistic local communities in the city. Located on the far north side of Chicago, Edgewater is a fantastic residential neighborhood with plenty of burgeoning businesses, including restaurants, pubs, and shops, but with a number of locals involved heavily in art, theater, and music, the area serves as an important hub for displaying the work of local artists.

Edgewater Arts Festival returns September 28 and 29. Stop by the 93XRT booth on-site on September 29! If you’re a art lover in the Chicago area, the 7th annual Edgewater Arts Festival is an event to watch this fall. This art festival is a great way to be introduced to new artists, and a great way for artists to show off their latest works.