Greta Van Fleet - "People Complain Rock Is Dead & Then They Criticize Us"

Bassist Sam Kiszka opens up on the criticism the band receives.

May 6, 2019

Greta Van Fleet's rise in popularity has coincided with a rise in criticism of the band. The common refrain used against them is that they ripped off their sound from Led Zeppelin. The band recognizes the similarity, but is ready to move on from it.

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In an interview with the Miami New Times, bassist Sam Kiszka opened up on the criticism the band receives. "For every large-scale movement, there's an opposing force. It wouldn't be right if it was too easy," Kiszka said.

"People complain that rock is dead and then they criticize us. They get negative about a resurgence of rock? Rock 'n' roll has always been underground. A lot of rock people would prefer it stays that way," he added.

Greta Van Fleet don't care to get caught up in the criticism though. "In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter... If you get too involved, you get caught up in trying to please people. That's why the music industry today is so bland," Kiszka said.