An Ode To The Humboldt Park Alligator

Let us all take a moment to appreciate this story.

July 10, 2019

If you haven't heard about the Humboldt Park alligator yet, you can read up on the full story at From here on out, this is no longer a news story... It is a tribute.

Oh gator our beloved gator. Where you came from no one knows.

Did you escape the kitchen of an avant-garde chef?

Were you a test subject to eradicate Chicago's rat problem? 

However you got here, you've made yourself at home. 

Dig in to a deep dish pizza, nosh on a jibarito. Wash it all down with an Old Style and a shot of Malort. 

You've summoned Alligator Bob to come corral you. While you may be painted as enemies, perhaps you'll end up as friends.

An unlikely tale of two individuals who have grabbed the attention of Chicagoans and the nation alike. 

You've evaded Alligator Bob for over 24 hours now. You sly dog you!

Some day a highly entertaining YouTube video will be made about this moment. We can't wait to watch it.

If you want to get the true Chicago experience while you're here gator, have someone turn up XRT for you. Frank E. Lee has already gotten underway.

You're what we need on a scorching 95 degree day. You're what we need when both the Cubs & White Sox are off.

We know you may be scared of all the people staring down at you. We mean no harm. Some may be there out of curiosity, some out of entertainment, but they're all there for you gator.

However this ends up gator just know one thing. You'll end up on the Mt. Olympus of famous Chicago animals nestling in alongside Mrs. O'Leary's cow and Sue the dinosaur.