Jimi Hendrix Unplugged

In college, my friends would hide their Hendrix albums from me.

November 8, 2018

(Photo Taken By Lin)


Dick Cavett: Do you consider yourself a disciplined guy? Do you get up and work?

Jimi Hendrix: I try to get up every day. (laughter)

One of the first songs I loved to play on guitar was “Hey Joe,” inspired by the Jimi Hendrix version on the debut album of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Of course, my version had to skip the guitar solo.

In high school, I told my classmates that I belonged to the Church of Hendrix. In college, my friends would hide their Hendrix albums from me. Why? Because I would come in their room and put Hendrix on the turntable. Every. Time.

“Hey,” I’d say, “Where’s that Hendrix at Monterey album?”

Hidden. They grew weary of my obsession. The Jimi Hendrix guitar sacrifice performance at Monterey in 1967 was inspired by an argument Jimi had with Pete Townshend over which band would follow the other.

Pete told Hendrix. We don’t wanna follow you. And Hendrix said, I’m not gonna follow you. Pete said we will not follow you. End of story. So Hendrix plugged in his guitar, got up on a chair and played five minutes of ferocious riffs. Then he paused and said, “If I have to follow you, I’m pulling out all the stops.”

Jimi Hendrix is part of our Friday Double Feature. Some of you may have heard the 11 minute Jimi Hendrix jam “Hear My Train a-Comin,’” from the Rainbow Bridge album, but few people have come across the 12 string acoustic guitar version filmed for Jimi Hendrix: A Documentary. Enjoy this on-line bonus track.

Jimi Hendrix and The Clash are this week's Friday Double Feature starting with the XRT Morning Show.