Oh Boy, New Led Zeppelin Reunion Rumors Have Surfaced

If you've made it 50 years as a band, a celebration is in order.

July 16, 2018

Photo PA Images/SIPA USA


Some of you may be thinking, "here we go again!"

A new reunion rumor surrounding Led Zeppelin has surfaced from The Daily Star. A source told the paper that Robert Plant has been talking with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones about celebrating the group's 50th anniversay.

A "well-placed source" said,

"Everyone around the band is buzzing. Jimmy and Robert are talking again and discussing how to celebrate the big anniversary. Realistically this will be the last time that the band has a reason to reunite.

"At the moment there are many things on the table being discussed and obviously playing live is one of them. If they won't play, then they will get other stars out on stage playing their hits and then they would join in."

Plant responded to the claims of a reunion in an interview with Ireland's Independent saying, "Only in a chip shop in Camden Town! I think that's about as close as we will get to it! We are very pleased and glad with our very, very short career. If you think about it, it's only 12 years. We get on OK, but, you know..."

Chances look to be very slim that this materializes into an actual thing. Nevertheless, it's fun to think about!