Lollapalooza's Pool of Talent Offers Infinite Surprise Collaboration Opportunities for Artists

Are any surprise artist collaborations in store for Lollapalooza this weekend?

August 2, 2018
Vampire Weekend



From an artist who also starred in The Karate Kid remake, to a fourteen-piece self-titled "creative-enterprise," Lollapalooza's lineup features an intriguing range of genres, personalities, and talent. This mix of skills makes the capacity for what each act can produce in every set even more mystifying. As one of the most momentous music weekends in Chicago, Lollapalooza's stature  additionally can create more opportunities for artists to glisten in front of thousands of fans. Bonus tracks, eclectic covers, and surprise collaborations can all make Lollapalooza sets increasingly memorable. These three potential collaborations could awe Lollapalooza attendees.

CHVRHCES & Franz Ferdinand

The two Scottish bands are set to catalyze Lollapalooza crowds on Thursday with back-to-back appearances on the Grant Park stage. A synth-pop trio, CHVRCHES can accentuate the atmosphere Franz Ferdinand establishes with "Take Me Out" and similar tracks by honing on the snappy beats and introspective choruses that have made the band so resonating. Fusing the upbeat elements of both bands would be a blast to witness at Lollapalooza.

Tycho & ODESZA

Although the artists are scheduled to perform a few days apart from one another, Tycho's recent remix of ODESZA's "Across The Room (feat. Leon Bridges)" creates a compatible pairing. ODESZA has shared the collaboration on YouTube, and could benefit from an exciting feature to amplify the Sunday closing set opposite Jack White. Tycho does not have any other tour dates during Lollapalooza, and as the visceral sound of the band continues to expand in live settings, connecting with ODESZA on stage could create a lasting impression for fans.

St. Vincent & Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend returns to Grant Park for the first time since 2013 and without Rostam, a founding band member who has garnered widespread praise for his significant experience as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. The magnifying glass will hover above Vampire Weekend on Saturday, as many wonder which songs the band will incorporate into the 8:30 p.m. set at the Bud Light stage, and how Rostam's void will be filled with with new instrumentalists. Annie Clark, one of the most mesmerizing contemporary artists as St. Vincent, performs before Vampire Weekend at the same stage, and could seamlessly intertwine her sound throughout their set while also making the Bud Light stage a hotspot for indie rock enthusiasts on Saturday evening.​

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