The Unlikely Comeback Of The Cassette Tape

Friday, September 27th

There's a chance many have left the cassette tape for dead. Heck, I know I did.

In recent years though, it's started to make a comeback. Cassette tape sales grew 23% in 2018 with a total of 219,000 tapes sold. If you go back to 2016, this represents almost a 100,000 unit increase when 129,000 tapes were sold. 

This episode of Inside The Archives looks at why the unlikely revival of the cassette tape has taken place, whether or not it's a flash in the pan, and offering an explanation for the format's newfound popularity.

Joining me is Doug Kaplan, co-owner of the Chicago record label Hausu Mountain. Kaplan specializes in releasing music on tape and has built an extensive network of like-minded musicians using cassette tape to share and release music. 

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