What Goes On Behind The Scenes At XRT

Friday, September 7th

XRT Morning Show Producer Chris Cwiak isn't one to be front and center of a radio show, but his impact is heard every morning on the radio. We spoke with him to get the behind the scenes look at the critical role a producer plays to a radio show, working with talent, the best and worst guests he's encountered in his career, and what to do when an interview goes south.

Topics include: What's the role of a radio producer (1:45), producing for Stan Lawrence/Terry Armour/Garry Meier (5:55), how to contribute your ideas to the show while meshing with talent (9:20), the difference between producing talk and music radio (12:35), how to book guests (15:52), the most interesting guests and interviews that go south (25:35), quick hit questions (41:40).

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