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Rock & Roll radio history seen through the eyes of XRT DJ¹s. Stories of legendary interviews, career-defining moments, and opinions on current events in music. Hosted by XRT¹s Digital Producer Marty Rosenbaum
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How An All-Star Band Is Formed

Last week we tasked our Twitter followers to name their ultimate fantasy band to create an album of original material. You can read the entire article here,...

Soul Music: The Great Unifier

Soul music has seen a revival over the past few years, especially amongst younger audiences. Why is it that artists like Leon Bridges, Nathaniel Rateliff...

Tales From The Overnight DJ

When you're hosting a radio show from Midnight until 5:30 AM, you're bound to have plenty of stories to share. Emma Mac has plenty and we take a deep dive on...

How To Be A Journalist In 2018

The good news is that it's easier than ever to get information. The bad news is that it's easier than ever to spread false information. Award-winning...