Mick Fleetwood On Fleetwood Mac Drama - "We Were Too Open About Who We Were And What We Were Doing"

"All anyone ever asked about was, ‘Who is sleeping with who?’ or ‘Who is angry with who?’ And you start to feel it’s a shame."

June 20, 2019

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)


All the drama that has surrounded Fleetwood Mac over the years has taken a strong toll on the band leaving Mick Fleetwood regretful how open they were.

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In an interview with the Sun, Fleetwood opened up on the impact the band's hard-partying days. “The truth is the truth," he said. "But in many ways we shared too much information. Looking back, I can see an element of responsibility which I now regret not seeing before.”

Fleetwood admits the band brought it on themselves. “There’s no doubt those were hard-lived days. For a while within Fleetwood Mac there were romances and that lifestyle you mention and the other stuff got forgotten — and we really asked for that trouble... We were too open about who we were and what we were doing — probably very naïve."

It took a long time before people began to focus on their music instead of their interpersonal relationships, something Fleetwood wishes had been the case all along. “All anyone ever asked about was ‘Who is sleeping with who?’ or ‘Who is angry with who?’ And you start to feel it’s a shame. Now they intelligently talk about what we did musically. That’s important to us. We never wanted to make fools of ourselves too many times.”