Liam & Emma Top List Of Most Popular Baby Names

We always knew XRT's Emma Mac was a trendsetter...

May 17, 2018

Elena Matchey-yelisav |


Having a baby and looking for a name that's popular right now?

The Social Security Administration released the list of the ten most popular baby names of 2017. 

The SSA also released a list of the names that have had the greatest change in popularity from 2016-2017. Plenty of inspiration to draw from!

Most Popular Baby Names Of 2017

1. Liam/Emma

2. Noah/Olivia

3. William/Ava

4. James/Isabella

5. Logan/Sophia

6. Benjamin/Mia

7. Mason/Charlotte

8. Elijah/Amelia

9. Oliver/Evelyn

10. Jacob/Abigail