New David Bowie Box Set Focuses On 80's Material

Bowie lovers will have something new to add to their collection.

August 1, 2018

Photo PA Images/SIPA USA


If you love David Bowie you are gonna want to know about this.  On October 12th he's focusing on his mid-80's work with Loving The Alien.  The 11 CD's or 15 LP's will focus on "Let's Dance", "Tonight", and "Never Let Me Down."  It will inclde live recordings, 12 remixes, and other cool stuff you hope to find in a box set.  An interesting twist on Never Let Me Down.  

Seems Bowie always wanted to redo that album.  He call the LP "a bitter disappointment."  We he never got around it, but in January at Electric Lady Studios in NYC, some folks went in and did the redo.  Hopefully Mr. Bowie, aka Lazarus, is looking down and approving of their attempt.  The fact that Laurie Anderson shows up on one of the songs is a good omen. Lazarus was not available for comment.​